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About Surveys

Survey Profile

Before you can take advantage of any survey offers on our site you will need to complete a survey profile. The survey profile is a form that collects basic demographic information so we can offer you surveys you may be eligible for. Filling out the survey profile allows you access to the survey page, but only if a survey is available will you be able to start the screening questions for a survey.

Survey Offers

Once you have completed your survey profile you will have access to the survey page, where offers you may be eligible for will be listed. To see if you qualify for the survey, click on the survey in the list to be taken to the screening questions.

Screening Questions

You will be asked a set of screening questions before the start of every survey to determine if you qualify to take it or not. Screening questions may repeat questions from your survey profile, and are not part of a survey. If you meet the desired profile you will be taken to the survey, and if you do not meet it you will be told you do not qualify and will not be able to take the survey. If you do qualify for the survey based on the screening questions, you must take the survey immediately following your qualification.

One-time Survey Access

To ensure the accuracy of the overall response of survey takers, if you exit a survey early you will not be able to go back and finish later or start again. You will only be able to access the survey once. The estimated length of time to complete a survey will be shown in the offer, so please budget this amount of time for your survey session to avoid losing out on the opportunity


If you rush through your answers, the rapid response time may indicate to the survey program that your answers are probably not being thought out, and may therefore be inaccurate. In such cases, you may be disqualified mid-survey as your participation would be considered invalid. To avoid disqualification, please take your time and provide considered answers when taking a survey. Surveys are offered on behalf of companies looking for opinions and information to be used to improve their brand and retail operations for the benefit of consumers, so itís important that participants provide considered responses.


Because the research sponsors are looking for information from very specific people, some surveys have stricter requirements of their respondents than others, which is why all of these questions are necessary. This is standard across all online surveys.

Third-Party Provider

Because our surveys are offered by a third-party provider we unfortunately have no control over what surveys are offered, nor can we determine ahead of time that you will qualify for a survey.


At this time, there are fewer survey opportunities for Canadian subscribers because most of the companies sponsoring surveys are American, and are looking for feedback from American consumers.


New surveys become available every day, but they may not be available to everyone. You will be shown survey offers based on your survey profile. Each survey is also only available on the site for a limited time, so if you do not attempt to qualify for a survey while it's available the offer will be removed permanently from your survey page.

Technical Problems

While the third-party survey provider tries to provide a smooth and error-free survey experience, you may encounter technical problem or errors before or during a survey, which could end your survey session without you being able to complete it. If this happens, please contact us and include as many details as you can about the problem, including the name or theme of the survey in which you encountered the error, what question or point in the survey the error occurred, and details on the behaviour of the error itself such as freezing or seeing an error message. We will forward your email to the survey provider. The more detail you provide the easier it will be to assist you.

If you experience any trouble, or if you do not get your Royal Points, please contact us.