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About Offers

Offers are a great way to earn Royal Points! For completing an offer you can earn hundreds or even thousands of points. Points can be redeemed for additional draw entries or prizes from our Points Store!

Offers on our site are provided by the brand. Please be sure to read each offer thoroughly before accepting, as each one has different requirements, such as:
  • Signing up
  • Being approved
  • Activating a card or membership
  • Completing a minimum purchase

Some offers are available to each subscriber only once, and some you can use to earn points over and over again.

Because offers are administrated by the brand, we cannot guarantee you will receive your points in the event of a technical error, if you are not approved, or if you do not complete the offer process properly.

If you completed an offer correctly but still did not get your points, please contact us and we will look into it. Due to the policies of the different offer programs a resolution may take up to 30 days.

Enjoy these fantastic offers!

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