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Who can be a Royal Draw affiliate?
Anyone who has a website, blog or other web property that does not contain any objectionable content can be a Royal Draw affiliate.
How do I sign up to be an affiliate?
Fill out an application. We'll review it and respond within two business days. If approved we'll create your affiliate account and send you the login information.
How do I earn money as an affiliate?
Post one of our banners or widgets to your website or web property and you'll earn money when a new user clicks on it and subscribes.
How do I get the banners and widgets?
All banners and widgets are avilable in your affiliate account. We have various sizes of each available.
What is a widget?
A widget is a stylized banner that automatically updates itself every day to show our newest draw.
Can I post your affiliate banners and widgets on secure pages?
Yes, all of our banners and widgets are SSL enabled.
When a visitor clicks on my link, how long do they have to subscribe in order for me to be credited with the referral?
When a visitor clicks on your link we'll put a temporary cookie on their browser. The visitor must subscribe within 30 days in order for you to be credited for a successful referral.
What happens if a visitor clears their cookies before subscribing through my link?
If a visitor clicks on your link but clears their cookies before subscribing within the 30 days we will not be able to tell that they came from you, and will not be able to credit you for the referral.
If someone who is already a Royal Draw subscriber uses my link and tries to re-subscribe, am I credited for the referral?
No, we can only credit you for new subscribers. If their email address is already in our system you will not be credited.
How can I check my referral numbers and earnings?
To check your referrals and earnings, log in to your Account and go to the "Earnings" tab. Here you'll see details on your last payout and how much you've earned since then.
I've been approved! Now what?
Great! Log in to your account and visit the "Help" section for a walk-through of everything you need to know.
When and how am I paid?
When you reach our minimum payout amount of $100 we mail you a cheque. Earnings of less than $100 will be carried over to the next month without limitation until you reach $100. When you reach the minimum payout amount, your cheque is mailed at the end of the following month. Before any payments are issued our Claims Department will review your referrals to ensure they are genuine.
Where will you send my cheque?
All payments will be made out to the name as provided in the "Account Settings" section of your Account. Your cheque will also be sent to the address provided in this section. It's important to ensure this information is accurate and kept up to date to ensure you receive payment in a timely manner.
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